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Frequently Asked Questions for Users and Business




Do I have to pay to list my product/service on the website? 


No it’s 100% free to promote yourself on our site – and always will be! 


How can I add my business to the website?


Simply sign up for our site either using your email or Facebook/Google account and then click the “Add Service” button at the top-right of the site. Then fill in the requested information, add some beautiful photos and you’re done! Once your listing has been approved by our moderation team (usually within 24 hours) it will appear on the site and start generating promotion for your business. 


How do I respond to reviews left for my business?


Firstly you’ll need to “claim” ownership of the service which you can do by clicking “claim a service” at the bottom of your listing and then follow the steps provided. You’ll need to provide some evidence which we’ll request to prove that you own the business. 


Can I change the images or the information of my business?


Yes. After you have claimed ownership of the product/service you’ll be able to update information, reply to user reviews and upload your own photos. 




How do you recommend product/services for me?


Our recommendations are based on your location and the preferences you’ve specified in your profile page. We’ll find cool new things that we think you’ll like in your area based on your preferences and feedback from users. 


I’ve been to an amazing gym but the place isn’t listed on your website. Can I add it? 


Yes, you’re more than welcome to add your favorite products/services to Jimja. Simply log in and click “Add Service” at the top-right of the site. It might take up to 24h for the new listing to show on our site as we need to aprove it first and make sure it’s a good fit for the Jimja community. 


Do you list all restaurants on Jimja? Or only those with healthy options?


We specifically curate and choose places that  fit in with our ethos of fitting in with the health and wellness lifestyle.   We know that every restaurant usually has at least one healthy dish but we aim to select products/services that specialize in this area 


What are the Top 10 Rated Services?


These are the services that have received the highest rating scores from users in your area or a place that you choose. You can use the filters to look for more specific things.  


What are Jimja’s Favorites?


These are places curated and specifically hand-picked by the Jimja team and what we consider to be the “best of the best”. These are usually places that the team has visited themselves and liked so much that we want to share them with the Jimja community.  


How do I get in contact with Jimja?


You can email us at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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