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                                                            welcome to jimja
Hi there!

Welcome! Happy to see you’ve made this “far”.

You might be thinking what’s this website about? What exactly are we doing here? What’s Jimja? In a short, business way, Jimja is a review-based platform focused on wellness and healthy living. In my mind, it’s a collaborative website focused on connecting the best wellness & health services in the world with you.

During my 6 years travelling the world, I have found it quite challenging to keep a healthy routine. In the beginning, this wasn’t a concern, as you might imagine but as the years when by, I started to feel my health wasn’t the same as before and decided it was time to change... 

I needed to introduce some healthy habits into my non-existent routine and as I traveller with limited cooking skills I realised it wasn’t easy to find healthy oriented restaurants nearby or places to workout. The options consistent in magazine articles or personal blog posts, which were amazing and very handy at many times but I wanted more. I wanted to be able to find it all in one place. Also, I must confess I wanted to know a bit more through other people experiences about the options I’ve found around.

I believe you already realised by this point that this was when Jimja first came into my mind. Over a year ago...

It has been a funny, exciting and a bit expensive process to me. (Left alone for my very supportive poor husband) but I have no words to express how happy I’m to be here with our website done and ready to kick start.

Please fill the form and add your place if it isn't on the platform yet. We will be adding more places as the times goes.

Share with the others your experience in places around the globe. Let us know your favourites. We want to know them all.

Give us feedback about what you would like to see in the platform and if you’re an amazing healthy/wellness lifestyle content writer that would like to contribute (guest posts) to our space. Welcome to Jimja!


I’m looking forward to making this community of people looking for a better lifestyle to grow together and strong.




Photo by Karolina Szczur on Unsplash


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