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A beginners guide to boxing for those wondering what it takes to start.

A Beginners Guide to Boxing

Are you looking to try out a challenging sport that tests your levels of commitment and dedication to yourself? Then - boxing is an excellent way to test your mettle.

Maybe you’ve seen one too many Rocky movies this weekend -  or your you’re slowly turning into a fan of the sport after watching the bout between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, whatever your reason for starting, you’re in for a wild ride.

We put together this beginners guide to boxing to give you an edge before you lace up the gloves for your first sparring practice.


The Benefits of Starting Boxing 

#1 Muscular Strength – Boxing demands powerful punching, crisp, and a strong core, especially if you want to compete in the future. The exercises and training involved with the sport build your frame and you can expect to gain a reasonable amount of muscle mass and strength as you progress.


#2 Cardiovascular Health – Boxing involves plenty of road work in the raining, along with loads of skipping and callisthenics. The training keeps you in top physical condition, extending longevity.


#3 Co-ordination and Awareness – Boxing relies on so many different factors to make a name for yourself in the sport. your hand-eye coordination improves as y0ou learn to hit a moving target with precision and power.


#4 Learning a New Skill – The brain needs to learn new activities and movements to progress in life. boxing offers the chance to keep your body and mind fit with the training.


#5 Respect for Others – Boxers have mutual respect for one another because they all undergo the same type of training on a consistent basis. It takes time and dedication to become proficient in the sport, and along the way, practice makes you consistent with your actions as you show up for every lesson.


Getting Started – Finding the Right Gym

Finding the right gym is the biggest challenge facing any new boxer. What are your ambitions with the sport? Are you determined to reach the heights of the Olympics? Alternatively, do you feel like fighting once or twice a year in a friendly bout? Your type of gym needs to reflect your goals.

Training with recognized professionals is a serious atmosphere, and you can expect to pay hefty fees for your boxing education if your training under a world champion, or a trainer of world champions – such as Freddie Roach in the United States.

However, if all you want from your time in the ring is a means to keep fit, there’s plenty of instructors that offer boxing classes in your local gym. Your choice of a gym should come with everything you need to advance your training., Heavy bags, speedballs, pads, and a ring are a few of the essential pieces of any boxing gym worth attending.

A good gym will have competent boxers that aren’t out to hurt you in training. Your instructor and classmates should adopt an approach of learning and developing technique in practice and sparring. Look for another gym if you find everyone’s trying to take your head off at practice.


The Equipment You Need as a Beginner Boxer

As a boxer, you’ll need a couple of pieces of equipment to get started. The first item on your list is a comfortable pair of boxing shoes. Footwork is a critical component of boxing, so you need to ensure you have proper footwear to keep your feet light while you move around the ring.

Next up, a cup is an essential piece of equipment that should require no explanation – and girls need to wear one as well.

Wraps keep your wrists tight as you hit on a heavy bag – or your opponent. A gum guard keeps your teeth in your head when they decide to unload on you.

16-oz and 10-oz gloves are the requirements for sparring and bag work. Headgear ensures that you keep your brains inside your head when you're sparring with a partner in the gym.


Wrapping Up - Commitment and Dedication to Training

Boxing is a rewarding sport that teaches you a lot about yourself. How well you do in your training, and as a whole, is just like any other endeavour you face in life. Your commitment and dedication to your training determine how far you can go with the sport.




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