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Vegan food options are limited when you decide to eat out. However, there’s some good news – more vegan restaurants and takeaway venues open across the city all the time.

                                                            top 10 vegan restaurants in new york city
Top 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in New York City

Living a plant-based lifestyle is a challenge - and it’s even more demanding when you live in a metropolis like NYC. The fast-paced lifestyle of New Yorkers means that we often choose convenience foods to save a few minutes in our otherwise hectic day.

Vegan food options are limited when you decide to eat out. However, there’s some good news – more vegan restaurants and takeaway venues open across the city all the time. Here’s our breakdown of the best vegan restaurants in New York City.


1.    Buddha Bodai

77 Mulberry St - Chinatown, Manhattan, NYC

Cuisine: Vegan, Asian, Take-out, Catering.

If Asian cuisine is your thing, then check out Buddha Bodai in Chinatown for some crispy fried tofu with assorted stir-fry vegetables – delicious. Don’t confuse this restaurant with Buddha Bodai on Mott St.


2.    Orchard Grocer

78 Orchard St - Lower East Side, Manhattan, NYC

Cuisine: Vegan, Take-out only.

This vegan food store and deli opened its doors in February of 2017. The venue offers delicious vegan-style sandwiches, with pre-packed salads and other prepared foods. If you’re looking to stock up your fridge and pantry, the Orchard grocer has a wide variety of vegan speciality foods including the best snacks available.


3.    Delice & Sarrasin

20 Christopher St - Manhattan West Village, NYC

Cuisine: Vegan, French-theme, Organic, Take-out.

Stop into this throwback French Restaurant for delicious vegan food in the West Village. We enjoyed the outstanding brie fondant – it’s just delicious! Other delights on offer include vegan-friendly crepes and galettes.


4.    Beyond Sushi

62 W 56th S, Manhattan – NYC

Cuisine: Vegan, Japanese-theme, Juice bar, and Take-out.

Sushi-style vegan snacks served with authentic Japanese side dishes. We love the spicy mango roll – it’s a flavor sensation you can’t beat anywhere else! The restaurant has a few seats, but it’s more of a takeaway venue. Check out their menu for the best rice-paper wraps, vegan-friendly sushi rolls, and salads.


5.    Jajaja

162 E Broadway, Manhattan, NYC

Cuisine: Vegan, Mexican Fusion Food, Take-out.

Opened in 2017, Jajaja serves the best Mexican fusion food in the city. We went nuts for the tacos, but their nachos look amazing as well. Check out the menu for a wide variety of vegan-friendly dishes that include, plantain chips, chili relleno and much more.


6.    Le Botaniste

833 Lexington Ave, NYC

Cuisine: Vegan, Mediterranean-style, Salad bar, take out.

This European-themed restaurant has some of the best snacks and sweets we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. This food tastes so good – that we find it hard to believe its vegan. We love the soups from Le Botaniste, and the rest of the menu has plenty of vegan options if you’re feeling hungry.


7.    P.S. Kitchen

246 W 48th St, Times Square, Manhattan, NYC

Cuisine: Vegan, American-International Fusion food, take out.

Opened by the owner, Terri in 2017, this restaurant has a unique vibe and fantastic food options that suit the American palette. We stopped in for breakfast and ordered the PS Breakfast, a plate of smoked-maple portobello, sautéed spinach, with scrambled tofu, and tomato jam on toast – highly recommended.


8.    Franchia Vegan Cafe

12 Park Ave - Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Cuisine: Vegan, Korean-theme, Take-out.

This location is the sister-restaurant to the Hangawi vegan restaurant. Franchia has a refined menu offering the best Asian-fusion food you'll find in the city. The sit-down restaurant features traditional Korean decoration with a modern edge. Check them out for vegan-friendly Korean dumplings - they're a taste sensation!


9.    The Cinnamon Snail

2 Pennsylvania Plaza, Pennsy Local Food Hall, NYC

Cuisine: Vegan, American-theme, Vegan-friendly Bakery.

This vegan restaurant got its start as a food truck circa 2015. Now it’s a bustling take-out counter in Pennsy food hall. If you find yourself wandering around Midtown Manhattan – we recommend you drop by and order the “Beastmode burger deluxe,” for a healthy and hearty vegan take on an American classic.


10.    Ladybird

East Village, Manhattan, NYC

Cuisine: Vegan, American-theme fusion food.

We love this restaurant for its take on vegan comfort food - Is there any other way to explain mac-and-cheese balls on the menu? If you feel like giving your taste buds a challenge, then we recommend the spiced broccoli in the artichoke-chardonnay fondue platter, it’s got plenty of heat!


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