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STOP doubting yourself and START trusting yourself

Are you living the life that you desire?


I hope you can answer YES to this question but too often we stand in our own way. Allowing doubts, worries and fears to hold you back from trusting that you are capable of making your dreams a reality.


For years I was stuck in a mindset of doubt. I had big dreams but a voice would chime in and say – Are you sure you can accomplish that? Will you actually make this happen? What will people think? These thoughts pulled me down and stood in my way. They created a doubt within me that was hard to break through. Yet, I knew that I had so much to share and I knew that I was here to help others and make a difference in the magical world we live in. As doubt continued to try to stand in my way, I continued to play small. Hearing my ego play doubtful thoughts in my mind and seeing this pattern repeat itself, made me realize that this was blocking me from my purpose here on earth. It was in this moment of realization that I made the decision to release these doubtful thoughts. To get where I wanted to be I had to be done playing small and it was time to play BIG.


Where in your life are you holding yourself back?


Making the decision to no longer play small in your life is when everything will start to change.

When you stand up for what you want in your life and know that you can achieve it, your doubts will start to move to the back and your goals and desires will proudly come to the front. By making this shift, you will start to attract what you want and trust that it will arrive.


Your dream life is available to you. It is waiting for you. It is time to take action towards it.

As you start to trust that you can do anything you put your heart and mind to, your life will gravitate in the direction of your dreams. The uplifting, dedicated energy that you put into what you want rather than questioning yourself will make you shine from the inside out, manifesting all that you wish for.


Take time every day to BREATHE into the present moment.

Be GRATEFUL for who you are. Express gratitude to you.

OBSERVE all the love that is around you. There is so much to be seen.  

VISUALIZE your life as you want it. Feel into this feeling.

Know that you are CAPABLE of anything. Step forward, make the next move.

You are AMAZING and you are WORTHY of all that you desire. Seriously, you are.


Put your thoughts and energy into your dreams and desires and if doubt surfaces say:


"Today is the day I stop doubting myself. I am here to love myself fully. I am here to pursue my dreams and make them a reality. I am strong, I am capable, I am confident. Nothing can stop me."


TRUST yourself. Trust that you are on the right path and that you will bring your goals to life. Learn, grown and expand from all that comes your way. All the confidence, strength and love that you need is within. Connect with it, allow it to light you up and guide you. Ignite your passion and take massive action towards your dream life. Don’t let anything stop you from living the life that you desire.  



Cherie Cox is a Soul Connection Coach and Energy Healer. She helps soulful women heal inner blocks and connect to a place within of unconditional love, support and abundance. Through Mindset, Energy Healing and Taking Action towards your dreams, Cherie will guide you to step into your power, confidence and worth.



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Photo by W A T A R I on Unsplash


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