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Simple tips for those looking to have a healthier 2019....

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Healthy New Year Resolution - How to be a Healthier Version of Yourself

It’s that time of December again, and the New Year is right around the corner. As the festive season reaches its peak, many people find themselves overcome by the urge to make a change for the better in their life.

Regardless of the circumstances for the decision to make a change, it’s always a good idea to embrace this feeling and run with it – change is still a good thing, right?

Here are a couple of tips on how to be healthier. If you implement a few of them, then you’re on the right track to start the New Year off right.

The Physical and Mental Risks of Poor Lifestyle Choices

While we all struggle to think of what we should be doing to improve things, we often miss the glaring question of - what are you doing wrong in your life?

If you close your eyes right now, we bet that takes only a few seconds for your subconscious to pop up a comprehensive list of behaviours that aren’t healthy for you.

Stop ignoring yourself and write that list down. Start with working out a plan to stop your destructive behaviours.

Evaluate Your Diet

What are you eating? Could your diet do with some adjustment? The food we eat plays a vital role in the energy our body has available. If you’re overeating fast food and treats, maybe it’s time to cut back. All of the saturated fat and sugar needs to take a hike in the new year.

Concentrate on building a nutritious diet that provides you with sustainable energy throughout the day. Consult with a nutritionist if you’re unsure how to structure your food correctly.

Start Exercising

We don’t mean for you to jump up and join the gym right away – although that probably wouldn’t be the worst idea.

However, improving your physical condition can start with something as simple as a walk around the block. Start small and build into your fitness routine - the important thing is that you start.

Drink More Water and Green Tea

Dehydration clouds your thinking and inhibits optimal metabolic function. Make sure that you’re drinking enough water every day, especially if it’s hot outside. Buy a reverse osmosis water purifier for your home keep a bottle of cold water in the fridge.

Try drinking herbal and green tea once or twice a day. The polyphenol antioxidants in the tea help fight the signs of ageing and keep your immune system functioning optimally.

Mental Health Matters

Your mental health matters as much as your physical state of being. Are you feeling anxious? Do you notice signs of depression? If you’re having a tough time in life at the moment, don’t think that you can’t reach out for help.

Talk to a friend or family member about your feelings or make an appointment with a clinical psychologist for an evaluation of your mental health.

Social Behavior

Get out into the big, wide world and make your mark. Humans are social creatures, and we need to feel accepted in our community – it’s a critical part of being.

If you find you’re slowly becoming anti-social, then break the cycle of behaviour before it’s too late and go out on the town with your friends for a night of fun.

The Final Thought – Seek Professional Help

You don’t have to struggle with putting your life right – some professionals can drastically reduce your learning curve this year. Nutritionists, doctors, and mental health professionals play a significant role in our lives, and they have plenty of benefits to offer us if we’re willing to take their advice.

Photo credit: Brooke Lark


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