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How to maintain yourself in shape during the festive season

                                                            fit in the winter
5 ways to get fit this winter (that don’t involve a treadmill!)

Winter is a season filled with indulgent treats; as the cold weather draws in, we’re tempted by the aroma of warm mince pies, gingerbread fresh from the oven, delicious roast dinners with all the trimmings, steaming hot chocolate in abundance and celebratory champagne for more formal occasions. Seemingly, this is a time for relaxing, treating yourself and getting cosy…. Great, right?

Whilst we may all enjoy cosying up to a Christmas movie with Thornton’s chocolate snowman in hand, come spring we’re abruptly reminded that these festive, yummy treats can take their toll. It’s easy to forget the gym amongst the chaos of Christmas planning and present buying, as staying fit quickly falls to the bottom of our priority list. However, with so many new and exciting classes emerging within the fitness industry, there’s no reason exercise can’t be enjoyed throughout the holiday season! It really is possible to enjoy all of the edible treats that accompany this period without any unwanted guilt!

Health and fitness expert Lisa Brockwell believes that exercising can be fun, with her unique ViBeatz classes ensuring that fitness is never again dull or repetitive. Lisa shares 5 ways of keeping fit this winter, with an added bonus… none of them involves the dreaded treadmill!

1.    Enjoy home workouts

As you get your gym gear on and prepare for a fitness class, looming winter weather can easily convince us that it’s simply not worth the trek. Why face cold snow or pouring rain when you can wrap up warm, a glass of red wine in hand?

However, it is possible to get fit without even having to leave the house. Celeb fitness DVDs have been an obsession of our nation for decades, with a new selection released each year in time for Christmas. Embrace this trend and pick up a DVD at a low price; you’ll quickly discover the ease of home exercise with the help of your favourite stars. Alternatively, make use of YouTube fitness vloggers who share workouts for you to repeat in your own time, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own environment.

2.    Release your inner Santa

There are a limitless number of fun activities that you can enjoy this winter, including seasonal Santa fun runs. By combining your love for holiday-themed events with exercise, you’ll quickly forget that you’re doing a workout, rather, you’ll enjoy a light-hearted day with friends and family. Santa fun runs are something that can’t be enjoyed any other time of year, meaning they’re safe from the ominous excuse “I’ll do it in the New Year!” … it’s now or never, so do it now!

3.    Dance to your heart’s content

The holiday season is a time for fun, putting even the most dedicated of us off of our weekly spin class. After an indulgent dinner with friends, rarely do we want to be pushed to our limits by an intense instructor or rigorous pump weight class. No, we want to enjoy these few months!

Consider participating in a fun workout class that embraces your desire to dance with merriment, rather than leaving you grumpily preparing for yet another repetitive ab session. An up-and-coming class that’s set to be popular over the winter months is ViBeatz; combining the intensity of a full body workout with the fun of dancing and relaxing yoga, this class has everything. Let off your Christmas-prep stress and finish off with a calming segment that’ll leave you looking forward to your next session, not dreading it!

4.    Embrace the ice

The key to staying fit throughout the winter months is incorporating fitness exercises that are more fun than frazzling. Wrap up with a scarf, put on your boots and go ice skating with friends or family! You’ll feel more in the holiday spirit than ever as you embrace this seasonal activity, plus, it’s a great full body workout. Improving your balance whilst building muscle and toning, that'll work wonders for your body without you even realising.

5.    Say goodbye to online shopping

As an increasing number of our favourite stores have begun to promote the ease of online shopping, many of us purchase all of our Christmas goods from the comfort of our sofa. However, whilst this may appear to be a much simpler process, it does put a halt to active shopping trips. Yes, queues might not seem all that appealing and traffic is certainly off-putting, but a day out shopping with friends can be worth it, the number of steps you accumulate by simply hitting the shops is staggering! Stop off for lunch along the way and you’ll find that a fun day out has been worth every minute.


Lisa Brockwell is a multi-award winning, international fitness presenter who has launched and runs her own fitness and yoga classes. Find out more about Vibeatz classes by clicking here.


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