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10 Yoga Retreats Every Yoga Fan Should Visit

Going for a retreat means taking time off work and other activities and relaxing your mind, body, and soul. When you come from a retreat or holiday, you are supposed to be relaxed and fresh to continue with your daily activities.

Whatever an ideal holiday looks like in your mind; the main objective is to get relaxed. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise and relaxing methods known to man today. If you are not practising yoga, then you are missing out on a lot like the benefits of yoga are numerous.

If your ideal holiday means getting peace of mind in a quiet and relaxing environment, these yoga retreat destinations won’t let you down.

1.     Jungle Yoga, Thailand.

Escape the normal hassles and go into the jungle to relax your mind. This yoga retreat is isolated and in the jungle floating on water. Disconnecting from the rest of the world here as there is no Wi-Fi or internet connection.

2.     Ananda In The Himalayas

Welcome to the home of yoga at Ananda In The Himalayas. Have you ever considered doing yoga in the Himalayas? Ananda spa is a beautiful place dedicated to provide wellness and fulfilment through yoga. They also offer all kinds of wellness packages. A dream place. 

3.     Kaliyoga, Italy

This is the place to be for a relaxed state of mind every minute of your retreat. Even when you aren’t doing yoga, the environment itself is relaxing and breathtakingly beautiful.

4.     Kunisaki Retreat, Japan

Inner peace and tranquillity are in abundance in this yoga retreat. You can end your days after yoga sessions in the relaxing hot springs baths as you sip on some tea.

5.     The Yoga Farm, Costa Rica

All yoga fans and enthusiasts as well love this place. You can stay as long as you like as long as you participate in the wellness programs and enjoy stunning views and serene environment every day relaxing your mind even more.

6.     Amansala, Mexico

The Amansala resort has a boot camp for those people who like breaking a sweat to keep in shape and relaxing yoga sessions in the evening. Your body, mind, and soul are in the right place at the Amansala.

7.     Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas

At the Sivananda, you get to focus solely on your spiritual growth and well-being with the help of azure blue waters and yoga masters. The place offers reasonable rates for their guests as compared to hotels in the area.

8.     The Yoga Barn, Bali.

Indonesia offers quite a broad extension of yoga retreats, and The Barn is one of them. Here, you can experience yoga as a group or solo. It’s a perfect yoga retreat for a group.

9.     Ulpotha, Sri Lanka.

Some of the most renamed magazines have rated this the best yoga retreat in the world. Ulpotha also offers Ayurveda retreats which sound like a perfect combination, right? Unfortunately this retreat is open for only half of the year so make sure to book in advance.

10.  Byron Yoga, Australia

Byron Yoga Centre one of the oldest yoga centres running in Australia offers weekly retreats though the year to deepen your practice and relax your mind. Their programs are flexible as they try to tailored the experience to suit your requirement.

Photo by Dmitry Kotov on Unsplash


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