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Burning Out?

‘That is something that happens to others, not me’, always said with a sneer.The amount of times that I have heard this from friends, colleagues and clients alike, recounting tales of their inability to make good decisions or to think clea ...

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                                             fit in the winter

5 ways to get fit this winter (that don’t involve a treadmill!)

Winter is a season filled with indulgent treats; as the cold weather draws in, we’re tempted by the aroma of warm mince pies, gingerbread fresh from the oven, delicious roast dinners with all the trimmings, steaming hot chocolate in abundan ...

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                                             vegan restaurants in london

10 Best Vegan Restaurants in London

Being vegan and eating out in the UK used to mean being limited to a ridiculously small amount of menu options and then gorging on as much of the bread basket as humanly possible, but these days over half a million people in the UK are veg ...

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                                             trust yourself. trust quotes

STOP doubting yourself and START trusting yourself

Are you living the life that you desire? I hope you can answer YES to this question but too often we stand in our own way. Allowing doubts, worries and fears to hold you back from trusting that you are capable of making your dreams a realit ...

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                                             Health Habits

10 Healthy Habits Everyone Should Have

We all lead different lives but being busy most of the time is one common aspect of our lives. Everyone, however, strains to do the best they can. We are all aware of the best practices of ...

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                                             Yoga Retreats

10 Yoga Retreats Every Yoga Fan Should Visit

Going for a retreat means taking time off work and other activities and relaxing your mind, body, and soul. When you come from a retreat or holiday, you are supposed to be relaxed and fresh to continue with your daily activities.Whatever a ...

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                                             Anxiety Relief

Top 5 Tips for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety might not seem like a serious problem, but the people living with anxiety tell a different story. Dealing with anxiety can be hard, but medication doesn’t have to be your sole treatment. Various therapies are available that can help ...

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                                             Health and wellness

The Benefits of Health and Wellness

In this world, heath is the ultimate wealth. It’s the top priority for everyone since being healthy gives you the freedom to live and work without body constraints. Health is a dynamic process, and it keeps on changing from time to time and ...

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                                             Hi there!

Hi there!

Welcome! Happy to see you’ve made this “far”.You might be thinking what’s this website about? What exactly are we doing here? What’s Jimja? In a short, business way, Jimja is a review-based platform focused on wellness and healthy living. I ...

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